Friday, March 10, 2006

hello..hello long time no write yaa...

its been a while and too many things happen very quickly these past weeks.
I have been promoted which means..... leaving my comfort zone and going to the war zone... he.he.. pretty cynical I guess he.he. but it is the description of the place that I am now.

The first week goes OK, this second week, blah I have my first conflicts.
My major weakness is paying attention to details but now I have to listen to details and description which to me, do not means important as part of my strategy to improve the place, but I have to listen and pay attention to give motivation to people.

I am really disappointed with the people. Meaning: even the person I considered the best, failed to meet my expectation in terms of coordinating with me. Some of the credit goes to the previous leader who seem to let loose the coordination and making expectation too highly. Well I deserve this. I have been bored as an 'event organizer', letting my brain sleep for how many years ? he.he..

Girl.... its time to wake up and do the impossible !!