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SEOUL with love

If you read my posting about KDrama, you should know I wasn’t only watching Kdrama but then also follow K-Reality Show, Kpop.. and I was really infatuated with a couple from K-reality show We Got Married. So much it influenced me, I learned Korean alphabet, took a Korean language class for about a year (I stopped because I couldn’t  leave work earlier as I used to be) , befriended many new people who as much as infatuated as I am. I also went to Kpop concert and the most crazy of all, I planned and went to Seoul with my Kpop friends. 

So I found Garuda promotion for their online website price is much much lower than other airline (even AirAsia) considering they are full board, with meals, and 20 kg baggage. And to top it all, we can use BCA credit card installment for 12 month 0% interest, the price is Rp 3.5 mill per person. One card can be used for maximum 4 persons. Great isn’t it ? this year the price now is Rp 7 mill. So yeah we got lucky.

For accommodation, we use Claudia Kaunang recommendation : Hongdae Guest House, since trying to compare and compare we feel at least her recommendation is quite valid. 

Day 1
Myeongdong, Gwanghamun Plaza, Cheonggyecheon Stream
The flight supposed to take off at 22.00 pm but it was delayed to 01.00 am. So we have to change our first morning plan, into night. 

Arriving in Incheon, we took the airport limousine bus then directly go to our guest house. One of our friend using the same airline promotion has arrived few days ago and asks to meet us in Myeongdong. So after refreshing ourselves we went to Myeongdong using Subway. She asks to meet us infront of Nature Republic shop but she wasn’t here when we arrived then we did crazy thing : walk around Myeongdong to find another Nature Republic shop, the temperature was around 5 Celcius. Great. Turns out she meant the same Nature Republic shop but she was late. Just that is. 

We went to eat Jjajang myeon and Mandu..had a confusion because we didn’t want to eat a lot but just to try but the shop owner didn’t allow us to order minimally. We must order according number of people. (well, few days later, at different shop, we met the same requirement.. they put low price but we must order according to number of people).
Later on we went to SPAO shop do some picture taking with our beloved Song Qian (Victoria Song) . then visit EverySing (upstair). 

We separated with our friend then as per her recommendation we went to see Gwanghamun Plaza.. few blocks and breath away.. we found that we can go to Gwanghawun through Cheonggyecheon Stream and its night time, and there are still some snow on the river bed and the lighting and … and… 

Thankfully not many couple there with lovey dovey pose hahaha…
We made it to Gwanghamun plaza then went home using MRT from Gwanghamun station. So having experience with Singapore, Hongkong and especially Japan MRT really makes Seoul MRT felt easy hahaha.. but we did a lot of walking.. saving time from transferring lines in MRT.

Day 2
Hongdae, Hello Kitty Café, Khuntoria house, Jamsil Stadium, 

This morning we walk around our neighborhood, found the hongdae area, trick eye museum but its entrance fee is quite expensive, we decided not to enter but just buy some souvenirs.. Found the Hello Kitty café.. took a lot of picture.. 

This day actually we will stay in Khuntoria house. Fortunately my friend got the contact email from winnies friend and voila, we are booked to stay one night in Khuntoria house. Lucky lucky !!  And in the morning we found out through twitter that f(x) is scheduled to perform in Seoul Music Award in the evening at Jamsil Stadium.  We did pay both the house and the guest house but its all worth it. 

Wow so many good things happen ! We decided to meet the Khuntoria house owner first, put our things there, then go to Jamsil, back to the house later at night. The owner is soo nice, they even show us the naver map which exit at Jamsil that we should use.
I should mention that they fill the Khuntoria house with food (bread, jam, butter, instant noodle, eggs) and the house is equipped with cooking facility, a whirpool. Laptop and wifi . We ate a lot. And sleep on Khuntoria Bed !! KHuntoria Bed. The same bed where Nichkhun and Victoria sleep. Even the same bedcover..  crazy.. I am smiling typing this …
Ok lets do the story chronologically. 

So we were picked up by the house owner in front of the guesthouse building, and actually the house area is not far from hongdae !. really!  After explaining to us, how to use the cooker, setting the temperature, explaining the bus to take from the nearest MRT station they deliver us in front MRT station where then we go to Jamsil to see the red carpet event. Soo, the place is packed with Fangirls !! Korean fangirls ! It so much fun!! Some reporters were trying to interview the girls, they always screaming their bias name, but then we the reporter say they will air the segmen afterwards they ask not to, afraid their parents will find out they out there… really it was like watching Reply 1997 live ! hahaha 

To blend in, off course we do our part in screaming whenever we see idol comes in.. especially screaming when f(x) comes.. and..eerr. Jiyoung too hahaha… 

Then we go back to Khuntoria house, before arrive we saw the mini park where KHuntoria record their MV. We tried to replicate the scene hahaha..
Taking pictures of everything in the house, and we also put our Khuntorian Indonesia message on the wall.. we are the first Indonesian Khuntorian !! yay !!
Its quite unbelievable.. you have to be there to feel it.. I hope the owner keep the house like that forever well at least before Khuntoria buy it as museum hahaha..

Day 3
Khuntoria House, Namsan Tower, Myeongdong

Unfortunately it had been raining since early morning and it kept raining until 12.00 when the owner pick us up.  We couldnt do our plan to go to the park where khuntoria did baseball practice, trying some sport facility, badminton and dancing for I’ll be back.  Hiks.  

The owner was so nice, they treated us with Korean style lunch, sitting down, with many side dishes.. I forgot the main menu name, I thought it was tofu soup something..  Then they deliver us on the guest house building. Afterwards we went to Namsan tower, as suggested in some website, we waited for Namsan bus shuttle on Myeongdong MRT exit.  

It was raining all day that day. And Namsan tower was full of cloud and mist, we couldn’t see the tower.  We tried to find Khuntoria locks, but found notes from the tower management that locks will be dispersed once a year. So that’s what happen with Khuntoria lock haha..  we went back to, guess where, Myeongdong offcourse haha…  so many things to buy, so little time and money… 

Day 4
Bukchon Hanok Village, Insadong, Dongdaemun Market
This is quite nice place although we couldn’t find the hanok village in the first place, and had to go around the park before finally  saw it. So when you enter the complex crossing the small stream, look to your left. The Hanok Village is on your left. 
We went to the souvenir shop, trying to find my sister request : the thumb top for sewing. Thankfully we found it, cos I couldn’t find it at myeongdong underground shop. (we did saw again in insadong)

Then we went to insadong. It was nice.  There was a fourstory building, my friend  told me this is actually where the last scene of Dream High was shot (I didn’t watch Dream High, only the last dance).
I wanted to buy some toys from my girl, but couldn’t find it. Only found one store sold Pororo mic in Myeongdong underground.
Then we remember we want to buy Victoria photo book we headed to Dongdaemun market.. funnily, at hongdae, myeongdong

Day 5
Nami Island, JYP- SM office
Early morning we went to Nami island. This island was background for KDrama Winter Sonata.  I didn’t watch it, not yet a fan.. and after reading the synopsis, I don’t think I want to watch it. Its so mellow, ironic, sad etc.  I’m more a happy ending person.. sadness is acceptable in the middle but not at the end. 

The island is quite beautiful especially with the touch of arts everywhere..  Traces of snow still be seen here. Yay !. *when we went back to Seoul, it was snow storming* Yay again!
My friend told me that the land area near Nami Island is famous for its chicken – ddak galbi..  didn’t have chance to try, since we decided to visit JYP n SM Office.  The girls were hesitated to visit JYP office since 2PM is not in Seoul but in Thai (or Japan, somewhere overseas). But then, realized we might regretted if we didn’t visit JYP and/or SM office. 

In the training, snow starts to fall heavily .. after a quite complicated change of subway, we got out the station, and start our walk in the snow rain … quite a long walk.. and its already around 5 pm (?). After some confusion, we finally reached the JYP office !! yay !! went to the famous Dunkin Donut store in front of JYP office and met some fans. Kfans, C-fans, J-fans and I-fans … yoohoo !!  I’m gonna tell you my finding about JYP group fans and SM Group fans later hahaha quite funny. 

After finishing our donuts, we head out to SM. During our stakeout in Dunkin Donuts, one of the fangirl spotted one-two idols (don’t recognize the faces) but she gives a skateboard to the boy. WOW. We learned later that the boy (maybe) is a member of new duo of JYP..
Walking up to SM (new) office, we met SM fangirls, well, they seem to be EXO fans.. from Japan.. ok so here I have to tell you that to be a Kpop fan and get a higher level you must understand / talk a bit in Korean. These girls are Japanese but they fluent in Korean and their English is not bad too. Aaand sooo strangely different than JYP fans, these girls are stalking idols in HIGH HEELS and STYLISH COAT. While the JYP girls are quite haggard, big unattractive jacket, messy hair, and NO SMILE. The SM fangirl even ask if we need help to take picture..  Nice…. 

We did saw one member of EXO coming. And girls are screaming .. woo hoo ..
Later that night, we went back to the guesthouse. The girls went to check the bus stop for airport limo bus.   I was gonna buy fork to eat noodles. I went to the mart by myself…. Walk..walk.. then I fell on the street. The snow has become quite hardened icy and slippery… it is quite an experience hehehe… 

The next day, early very early morning, around 5 am  we head out to the bus stop. Suprisingly there are quite a number of people already waiting for the bus. 5 a.m. !  The snow is very thick around 10 inch deep. Yeah, n the suitcases already twice as heavy compared to when we arrived. 

Then after checking-in, the girls found news that 2PM maybe arrived during the hour. And they DID get see 2PM very close and saw the famous  Auntie “D”. well I would be thrilled to meet Auntie D, although the chance to shake hands with her is almost non-existent for a khuntorian hahaha.. 

So the girls fan level have been move to the highest level !! JJANG !! hahaha …
All in all, there so much we have seen yet so much we haven’t visited and seen…
There is something endearing while you are travelling, the excitement, adventure, landscape…. 

Tasya and Tyas.. thank you girls !! what a memorable Khuntorian trip !! 

Really look forward for another travelling!! …

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